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Everything about available switcher, list, and all questions how to download, how to connect with servers, written below. Just scroll down to read all section about Clash Royale Private Servers Switcher APK and text list of private IP servers. Enjoy


How to download Clash Royale Private Servers?

First step to play Clash Royale on private servers is download original application from Google Play Store. When you have it installed on your mobile device, you should back to our site, go to the top of website and click button "DOWNLOAD SWITCHER". Our files are scanned by most popular websites and it is safe, so you no need to worry about your mobile phone. One of important information is, that sometimes you need to verify that you are not a "BOT". This type of verification is easy and takes maximum 5 minutes of your time. What you need to pass verification? Answer is easy, just finish one or two simple surveys or install and play on mobile apps for 30-60 seconds, then back to this site and check if download sections will be unlocked.

Using Clash Royale Private Servers Switcher and List !

When you passed verification, and got downloaded our switcher and private servers list, just install it. If switcher application installed, then open it, find button "Import List", and show path of list of servers in text file. After this move to section "Connection". You will see there all available servers which are "ONLINE" and sorted by popularity and most online players. Select one of servers you want to play, fill captcha system protection, click "CONNECT", and your mobile phone connect automaticly to private servers with many benefits, depends on what server you will play.

What to do "if I want play on global server again", it's no problem just open our switcher, click big red button "DISCONNECT", and open direct Clash Royale app from your mobile destop. It is easy, no worrie ! 

Why people play on private servers in Clash Royale?

As you know Clash Royale is one of best MMORPG/Strategy game available for mobile phones, there are lots of big tournaments for best players, and if you want join them you need test your strategy faster. So "how to do it?", most people train their skills on private servers, because it got big boost in EXP, Coins, Gems and speed of gamplay. After test several strategies and grow your game skill, most of them back to global servers, and become pro players. So assume, you should really try to play on clash royale private servers, and sent us private message, what you think about this.

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